Interest in an on-island law degree is expected to grow ahead of the September start date based on the success of the first intake.

Last year, the GTA University Centre, in partnership with the Institute of Law, Jersey, launched the University of London’s LLB Law Degree which enabled islanders to study for the degree without leaving the island.

‘We have five students who are nearing the end of their first year and we are now promoting the course ahead of the second intake in September. The feedback we have been receiving is very positive,’ said Simon Le Tocq, chief executive of the GTA University Centre.

‘It’s a fantastic opportunity for people who want to pursue a degree in law that is recognised by the legal professions in Guernsey, as well as those of England and Wales. It’s a fraction of the cost of going away to study and enables people who don’t want to go away or those with families, jobs or to gain a top class degree right here in Guernsey.’

The three year course costs £8,250 per year and students are able to apply for a means-tested grant from the Education Department.

‘The only real difference is that students are on-island throughout their course. All tuition and examinations will take place in Guernsey with the lectures being delivered by highly experienced UK academics who come to the island for the weekend classes, which are held on Saturdays and/or Sundays,’ said Mr Le Tocq.
There are seven to eight hours of tuition during study weekends and in addition, students are expected to do between 16 and 20 hours’ home study per week.

‘The workload is phenomenal, but manageable. The tutors are eccentric, brilliant, and the small class provides a unique learning opportunity. The facilities are better than I remember from my first university experience, much better. I’d recommend it to anyone interested, providing the individual appreciates they have to be actively trying to learn from the start,’ said Year 1 student Ian Haith.

Mr Le Tocq said the degree can be used as a stepping-stone to qualifying as a barrister or solicitor and is recognised across the world.

‘The University of London is one of the UK’s top collegiate universities and has more than 50,000 distance learning students as well as 135,000 who are campus-based. Our students are receiving tuition from highly experienced UK academics as well as benefiting from on-island mentoring and tutorials from local lawyers and advocates.’

Anyone wanting more information can contact Kate Lenfestey at the GTA University Centre on 721555 or by emailing