At The Soil Farm, we work to regenerate soil, implementing a number of holistic practices into landscape management, with the aim of improving The Soil Food Web, enabling the soil to naturally feed, protect and nurture the plants that are grown in it.

Composting is a critical process of managing green waste responsibly.  When produced well in an aerobic environment, the resulting product not only provides an organic matter and source of nutrients for the soil, it brings with it an array of beneficial microbiology bolstering The Soil Food Web.  We consult on a number of composting methods to ensure whichever method is used is best suited and productive to the individual project.

There are many complementing Regenerative Practices that can be applied to land management and we encourage our clients to add these practices to their management procedures if not already doing so.  We advise on appropriate practises for each site.  These practices not only bolster the natural biological processes of the soil but can also reduce input cost and labour.

Much of our role at The Soil Farm is dedicated to education and awareness of Soil Health.  In addition to this, we recognise the need to source and supply trusted products that can support gardeners, growers and farmers in their quest for healthier landscapes.  These can be ordered through us, purchased on our Hedge Veg stalls or through our partnering organisations.