Odey Asset Management LLP was founded in 1991 by Crispin Odey to focus on absolute returns at a time when most fund managers were embracing index relative returns. The Odey team recognised the de-skilling effects of indexation and was determined to keep research and judgement at the heart of the investment process.

Odey launched its flagship European long-only and long-short strategies in 1992. It has since established a successful Global strategy and today is top-rated by many of the world’s leading investment consultants.

Odey Wealth Management (C.I.) Ltd was launched in 2008 to manage portfolios for offshore private clients by combining Odey’s proven asset allocation skills with the portfolio construction expertise of our team in Guernsey. In October 2010, Odey Wealth Management (UK) Ltd opened its doors to bring that same expertise to UK residents.

Odey remains independent and partner-owned and, two decades after launch, retains its focus on performance and not asset gathering.




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