Fusion develops and supports fintech software under the Flyingboat brand which is widely used by the financial services industry across the Channel Islands and increasingly globally.

  • Flyingboat Tax Data Exchange is a US FATCA and Common Reporting Standard reporting tool that is available as an online bureau service and software that you can install in your own business. A database integration module allows connectivity to corporate databases.  Used by organisations of all types around the world.
  • Flyingboat Wealth Management Software is an integrated package for Corporate Service providers, Trust and Company Administrators and other financial services businesses.  Providing comprehensive database functions, KYC/CDD and compliance functions, Client and Office accounting & Investment Portfolio management, Secretarial database, Time Recording and fee billing, the software is feature rich and highly evolved.
  • Other products – in addition to the core products we offer a suite of supporting products including client web portal, document management and other regulation technology solutions.

Visit our website : https://flyingboat-wms.com/

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Established in 1992 Fusion delivers quality service through our team of experienced professionals.






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