Condor Ferries was founded in 1964 and initially operated a passenger service between France and the Channel Islands. In 1985 the first service linking the Channel Islands with the UK was launched and since then Condor Ferries has operated a year-round service connecting the UK, Guernsey and Jersey and the port of St Malo in France. Each year we carry over 1 million passengers and 200,000 passenger vehicles on our services.

In March 2015, we introduced a new addition to the fleet – Condor Liberation. This state-of-the-art high speed car ferry is the first of its kind to operate in Northern Europe, and marks £50m of investment in the Channel Islands. Condor Liberation serves Guernsey and Jersey from its UK base in Poole.

In July 2021, we entered Brittany Ferries’ high-speed Normandie Express, which has been renamed Condor Voyager, to our service. The ship was built by Incat in Australia, carries up to 850 passengers and 235 cars and has been part of Brittany Ferries’ fleet since 2005.
Commodore Clipper is a conventional car, passenger and freight ship, which provides an all-weather, year-round service. Commodore Goodwill is a freight-only vessel.

Our fleet carries 100,000 freight vehicles into the Channel Islands each year as well as exporting tonnes of local produce, providing a vital supply link for all kinds of fresh and frozen produce, in fact virtually any traffic that can be driven or towed on board. We are active members of the communities we serve, and support numerous organisations, sports and charities through sponsorship and travel.



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