Economic Development and Environment & Infrastructure departments are responsible for the development of a new energy policy for Guernsey which will take account of the delicate interplay between energy security, affordability, sustainability and independence. The first draft of the new Policy Document is likely to be published this spring.

The departments have consulted widely with business and other interested parties and the feedback received has assisted greatly in collating opinion as well formulating general policy direction.

Damon Hackley explained that ‘If this exercise had been done 10 years ago, the likely outcomes would probably have been very different.’ noting that it demonstrated how far people had moved on in terms of understanding the direction of policy development given technological changes, as well as attitudes generally.

This put Guernsey’s Energy Policy outlook at an inflexion point in terms of its historical reliance of hydrocarbon derived energy, and the alternative option, which is to source electrical energy direct from France via the proposed GF1cable.