Shortlisted as a contender for use of the high profile VisitGuernsey building on the Town seafront, a world standard art project here could be a major economic enabler for the island’s economy. David Ummels’ iconic art venue project is being strongly supported by Guernsey Chamber which believes the island needs to actively strive to diversify its business landscape having already been downgraded by Standard and Poor through its reliance on the finance sector.

The proposal has a sound business model at its core, enabling the island to make best use of its secure surroundings and lower insurance rates: would class art already in the island which is currently sorted out of sight, could be displayed in the new centre. The initiative would also have the wider remit of bringing extra work and artists here and aligning the whole project with a strong youth engagement and education theme.

David Ummels has been a Council member for two years, during which time Guernsey Chamber has applauded his efforts to establish Art for Guernsey and its’ health counterpart, Art For Impact.

Banishing any misconception that the project is ‘Some sort of exclusive thing for wealthy people’, his business model shows that all of the population would be able to enjoy it and it would also encourage development f the island’s home-grown creative talent. David will be working unpaid to bring the exciting initiative to life.. He has the backing of a large group of international business contacts and islanders who recognise that for every pound spent by government on not for profit art, there is a sevenfold multiple from private investment.