Welcome to the guernsey isolation support group. We are the brain child of Pat Jenner Heidi Billien and Hayley Arnold.
Within 24 hours we realised there were many people in need and the number of volunteers popping up on facebook had to be correctly managed and checked for suitability. 

Reaching out to a few like minded ladies we soon became a strong admin and moderators team working to ensure volunteers were police checked and given health and safety advice.
We then worked hard to get our leaflet out to as many as possible as we knew not everyone’s on Facebook! 
Our groups facebook page age is place to ask for help and on most cases we can quickly advise. 
A resources database was also quickly put together by us and is being updated daily and shared across the island, also shared by The Chamber of Commerce.

We are incredibly proud to have now joined forces with st John’s ambulance who are co ordinating the volunteers at the first instance and we continue to keep our page open for general support questions and posting updates regularly. 

We have been truly overwhelmed with the generosity on our beautiful island and hope all are staying home and staying safe