Offering a personal service Sight tests at ‘home’, residential nursing homes, sheltered housing, care homes, hospital, community centres.
Independent ophthalmic advice
Fitting and supply of spectacles and contact lenses. Delivery, maintenance and aftercare
Supply of optical prescription
Screening services in workplace environment HSE / DSE
Occupational visual screening – e.g. police, fire service, pilots
Confirmation/ validation for driving standards
Offering a range of supplementary products (dry eye drops, gels and masks / blepharitis / ocular vitamin supplements / magnifiers / low vision devices
Advice on home adaptations to optimise vision
Sensitivity with individuals with autism, dementia, disability
Referrals to local medical specialist group / GP

Home IOP monitoring, glaucoma screening
Ocular related presentations, information talks

Liaison / links with GPs, Ophthalmic department at Medical specialist group, Guernsey Blind Association, Dyslexic Day Centre, Health Connections, Disability inclusion, Dementia Awareness Private care homes Sheltered housing

Current issues Accessibility
Town parking
Disability, mobility problems
Inability to leave home / premises – physically, mentally, carer, childcare
Privacy exclusiveness