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The Community and Environmental Project Scheme (CEPS)


The Community and Environmental Project Scheme (CEPS) is a Social Security funded initiative, managed by States Works, which provides work and training opportunities for people who are not working due to unemployment or long-term illness.

The scheme provides them with supervision, training and assessment in order to develop their readiness for work. In particular, the scheme will:

• Develop and establish aptitude and skill sets
• Build jobseekers’ self-confidence
• Continually assess CEPS workers throughout their placement in order to identify and facilitate any necessary interventions, including training
• Develop effective links with employers to facilitate work experience and job placements

What does the Scheme offer?
CEPS provides leadership, management and supervision for up to 25 workers at a time progressing through the scheme with a view to preparing them for the transition into the island’s workforce.
In particular, the scheme:
• Assesses jobseekers’ readiness for work before placing them back into work
• Develops the jobseeker’s confidence in their ability to learn
• Selects and delivers training so that jobseekers learn new skills during their placement, including Health and Safety awareness, and basic First Aid training
• Prepares jobseekers for the workplace by improving their confidence, re-introducing a working routine and developing teamwork skills
• Develops a strong work ethic and an understanding of appropriate workplace behaviour
• Helps the jobseeker to recognise their individual progress and success
• Improves the jobseeker’s basic skills and employability by taking account of employers’ requirements
• Offers work experience and work trials to jobseekers, which prepares them for the workplace and provides recent experience
• Enables jobseekers to evidence their employability, and provides references for jobseekers to enable them to engage in the job searching process

What can I do?
We are looking to establish and develop positive, effective relationships with employers and agencies in order to facilitate work-based learning, work experience placements, work trials and permanent job placements for new and existing workers.

Work experience:
As CEPS is a work rehabilitation scheme it cannot always provide a “real” work experience, and a time will come when participants need a supported placement with an employer to gain this valuable experience. CEPS staff would arrange with the employer the terms relating to the placement, CEPS would pay the CEPS worker while on placement so there is no financial cost to the employer. Additionally, support would always be there for the employer and person on placement should the need arise.

Work trial:
Other jobseekers may be ready to return to work, having demonstrated all the desired workplace behaviours and attitudes, but there may still be barriers to overcome. However, with the right employer that individual can become a valued member of the team, becoming productive and contributing to society. CEPS would arrange a free work trial with an employer before they committed to employing the individual.

What are the benefits for employers?
• Access to a low risk option of sourcing potential staff
• Any potential workers will have received training and mentoring in basic skills, workplace behaviour, work ethics and team work
• Jobseekers will have undertaken training in areas relevant to your area of business, and will possess basic skills which have been developed through bespoke training in-line with employers’ requirements
• The Scheme supports your corporate social responsibility – by engaging with CEPS, you will be supporting our Island community, helping young people to make the first step in their career, and helping residents who are out of work to return to work
• A recruiting employer may be eligible for a Recruitment Grant of up to £2500 paid in 3 instalments over 6 months, administered by the Job Centre.

For more information about CEPS, contact:
Martyn Barbé (CEPS Manager, States Works, Trading Asset, States of Guernsey)
Tel: +44 (0) 1481 246263
Mobile: +44 (0) 7839 701749

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