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Here is a selection of feedback we have received from attendees at our events:

Dave ClarkeGrant Thornton (August Chamber Lunch with Michael Byrne)
“Mike provided a really good overview on how CICRA view issues that come across their desk in the limited time he had available. It was interesting to understand all the different parties they need to consider when providing reviews and to understand that, where they need to, they will act robustly to ensure fair competition is upheld. Their aims are not always to price cut, and although the consumer is always a high priority, it was good to hear that sometimes taking a longer term view to ensure that suppliers are able to receive adequate returns to allow the right investment for the future shows a balanced approach.”

Justin Guilbert – Donkeylogic Limited (Guernsey Press Tour)
“A hearty thanks to Jeremy, Rosie and James for the tour and Q&A at the Guernsey Press buildings. It was greatly appreciated.
We both agreed afterwards that we are lucky to have the Press and her many employees – especially given the size of our population (& lack of controversy!)”

Jo Cox – Sure (July Chamber Lunch with Saboohi Famili)
“I thought it was good to hear the changes that Saboohi is making and it is encouraging for the island that she is taking bold steps. I also like her approach to a problem and her attitude to change. She was open to suggestions and also handled some of the difficult questions very well. I gained a better understanding of what the College of FE are trying to achieve and how we can work with them across our business in the future.”

Gez Overstall – InfrasoftTech (Chamber Summer Social)
“The summer social was a great opportunity to make new connections and reconnect with previous acquaintances. The OGH Crown Club provided a relaxed environment for the event.”

Laura Preston – Investec (Grant Thornton 2015 Breakfast Seminar Series – Tax)
“I have attended a few of the Grant Thornton Chamber of Commerce breakfast seminars which have been educational and informative. Last Thursday, Mark Colver, provided an interesting insight and update on current tax scenarios which will affect the Channel Islands and also spoke about how important the Locate Guernsey role will be for our island as our demographics change.”

Andre Austin – Swoffers (June Chamber Lunch with Esther Ingrouille)
“The lunch was a real eye opener and an excellent informative presentation which stimulated plenty of debate afterwards. What was particularly useful was the message that Housing Control are keen to engage and consult with businesses on issues and ideas. We will definitely be taking them up on that offer.”

Helen Glenn – Guernsey College of Further Education (Grant Thornton 2015 Breakfast Seminar Series – Retail)
“The seminar was very informative thank you and has provided ideas for consideration with regards to our new retail courses being developed. We look forward to attending future events.”

Andrew Pinsard – Creaseys and Son Ltd (Grant Thornton 2015 Breakfast Seminar Series – Retail)
“Both speakers had excellent presentations and were very informative about their businesses. Interesting to take a look at how large UK organisations have tackled the problems facing their organisations and how we might benefit from this. Many of these challenges we have already addressed but as pointed out no business can rest on it’s laurels as it will not survive.”

Olly Browning – Crowd Media (May Chamber Lunch with Chris Langlois)
“Monday’s lunch with Sure showcased the opportunities, but more importantly, the threats that digital will eventually have on local business. Chris’ emphasis that ‘no industry is safe’ provided an essential honesty and warning to those that are still yet to create a digital presence.”

Olly Tracey – Coast Media (May Chamber Lunch with Chris Langlois)
“It was the first Chamber lunch event that I attended and it was great to hear from a speaker working for a local company here in the Bailiwick. The topic was of particular interest to me, as I have an interest in digital technologies both through my work as the Marketing & Creative Imaging Manager here at Coast Media and in my free time. Chris highlighted many new technological developments which I wasn’t aware of. New apps like AirBNB and Uber were particularly interesting and blur the boundary between technology and reality, but help the everyday person save time and money in the long run. I would thoroughly recommend Chamber monthly lunches.”

Trudi Lilley – Lilley & Co Ltd (Grant Thornton 2015 Breakfast Seminar Series – HR and Recruitment)
“I found the seminar extremely useful and informative. The Q&A session after was very interesting as it is good to understand issues that similar companies to mine are facing and get some real answers from the experts there and then. The Chamber breakfast seminars are always a great opportunity to network and I even found myself sitting next to someone I’ve been having email conversations with for several months but never met!”

Olly Duquemin – Resolution IT (Grant Thornton 2015 Breakfast Seminar Series – Marketing and PR)
“The seminar was extremely interesting and informative as it focused on how important digital and social media is now and how it has changed the industry. Jason MacKenzie gave some great examples of good and bad PR which I think everybody in the room learnt from. All the Grant Thornton breakfast seminars that I have attended have been very informative and have certainly given me something to take back to my business.”

Kerry Bachelet – Louvre Group (Grant Thornton 2015 Breakfast Seminar Series – Health and Wellbeing at Work)
“Myself and Eugenie Konig found the seminar very useful and informative. It was particularly interesting to hear what services are available in connection with occupational health and Health Information Guernsey. Avenue Clinic’s presentation was extremely useful and provided us with lots of tips to improve and maintain employees health and wellbeing at work. The seminar as a whole has really made us look at how we can help improve staff’s wellbeing and we have already made some adjustments to take into account what was discussed.”

Steve Falla – Orchard PR (March Chamber Lunch with Paul Whitfield)
“It was really useful to have an insight into Paul Whitfield’s progress as Chief Executive of the States of Guernsey one year on. He came across as candid and transparent. The networking was also good. I sat alongside a longstanding acquaintance that I haven’t caught up properly with for a couple of years.”

Becky Le Patourel – Situations (Grant Thornton 2015 Breakfast Seminar Series – Social Media)
I liked the two sided approach of the seminar, one showing the employee and other the employer. I left feeling very informed and wanting to google myself to check my digital footprint straight away, and to inform my employer on a social media policy to protect their business reputation. I find the Chamber seminars very informative and with such a diverse range of seminars, I am always on the lookout for their event updates and would recommend attending their Grant Thornton breakfast seminars.”

Howard Mawson – Mawson Collins (Draft Island Plan Seminar)
“The presentation appeared to be well received by all who attended. There was considerable optimism the new plan will be a major step forward in terms of offering greater flexibility and a more realistic framework as we navigate the next decade. From reading the subsequent reports in the Press, it appears others have also formed the same view. Obviously there will be changes arising out of the inquiry but provided the vast bulk of the substance remains as drafted, I predict a far more dynamic and less contentious planning regime, which has to be good for all with a stake in the built environment.”

Nigel Carter – WT Partnership (February Chamber Lunch with Dr Nasir Hussain)
“After a hiatus of some months I was pleased to attend the February Chamber of Commerce lunch where it was good to bump into business contacts that I hadn’t seen for a while and also to meet some new faces. Dr Nasir Hussain, the co-founder of Strategy Foresight LLP delivered a fascinating address on Morphological Analysis (MA). This is a process of delivering effective decision making in  environments where it could be deemed impossible due to conflicting variable factors. His address was challenging and very well received. As director of WT Partnership in the construction sector, I find the Chamber lunches and seminars a vital part of the commercial world as it gives me a perspective of the other sectors of the wider island economy. They are also great for networking and socialising generally, long may they continue!”

Johal ScottThe Old Government House Hotel and Spa and The Duke of Richmond Hotel (Recycling Tour)
“The tour was a real eye opening experience for members of our internal green team as we didn’t realise there was so many green projects in place across the island. Even better news was the fact that a number of these schemes could be used within the two hotels. We are now looking at having all our used cooking oil from both kitchens collected by Waste Oil Recycling and dropping off old cables wires to Guernsey Recycling.”

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