The Importance of Active Travel in Guernsey

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Discover the importance of developing active travel infrastructure to deliver health, economic, environmental & social benefits in Guernsey.

About this event

We will be hearing from the Guernsey Bicycle Group and the Health Improvement Commission at this not-to-be-missed lunchtime event.

Guernsey Bicycle Group

Join a discussion with the Guernsey Bicycle Group around the importance of developing active travel infrastructure to deliver health, economic, environmental and social benefits for Guernsey.

Many businesses and public sector groups across the Bailiwick have expressed frustration around the lack of safe walking and cycling routes. The GBG is therefore in the process of designing a community-led active travel vision and network project to make walking and cycling the safe and logical choice for most people of all ages and abilities.

This project aims to evidence that with careful network planning, legislation and targeted interventions in problem areas, Guernsey can rapidly develop an active travel network that makes sustainable and healthy transport a viable choice.

As part of the process, the GBG would like to understand the needs of businesses looking to encourage their employees to choose active travel as part of employee wellness, efficiency and sustainability programmes.

Health Improvement Commission

Walking and cycling short journeys, for work or other everyday journeys, is one of the best ways to get regularly moving more; active travel improves physical and mental well-being and has benefits for our environment and economy.

We will also hear from Alex Costen, Active Travel Officer at the Health Improvement Commission, who will talk about the vision of the Be Active initiative to make more people, more active, more often. Alex will talk about a range of projects undertaken by the Commission, to support walking and cycling and its work in advocating for creating environments which enable active travel to be a normal part of daily life. Alex, supported by her Be Active colleague, Alun Williams, is passionate about using community engagement to understand local attitudes to active travel and to co-develop realistic and sustainable solutions.


This event is kindly sponsored by BWCI

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