Mourant Managing and Exiting Difficult Clients Seminar

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We all have, or know of, a story about a difficult client. While those stories may sometimes be amusing to recount after the event, they often overlook the cost of dealing with that client – not just financial costs, but the considerable distraction and demoralising effect such a client can have on all who encounter them. In a two part series, Jeremy Wessels and Chris Edwards will draw upon Mourant’s collective experience of advising in such situations.

5 September 2019 – Dealing with difficult clients and their structures

The first seminar will examine the types of difficult client you might encounter, what warning signs will help you identify them (or ideally avoid them in the first place) and what strategies work best to help manage them. It will also highlight the warning signs that it might be best to try and exit the relationship altogether.

28 October 2019 – Exiting difficult clients and their structures

The second seminar will address the often difficult process of how to exit a relationship and will look at the legal and practical hurdles you may need to overcome, how to deal with difficult issues such as fees, indemnities, security and liaising with third parties, as well as those occasions when it might simply be necessary to maintain the relationship, as challenging as that may be.

Please contact Laura Preston on if you would like to attend.

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