Menopause in the Workplace – The Importance of Support

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Trudi Roscouet will deliver a bespoke presentation on the UK implications – any updates and why training and awareness is so important

Why now? So many people ask why is Menopause so “fashionable” these days. The reason being as education and discussion has progressed, we are realising the importance of women in the workplace. What they offer and bring to the table and as they get older, their experience, mentoring and leadership is invaluable. Its time to wake up and realise that some of the symptoms of the Menopause can be debilitating and that employers need to realise that by understanding these issues and knowing how to deal with situations, they can secure their work force and make them more productive and financially effective. Trudi will highlight the facts and figures that should make Companies sit up and take notice and also look at the new UK menopause guidelines released July 2022.

Trudi has not only worked in the Finance industry for over 25 years but is a qualified adult teacher and then changed director to become health and wellbeing coach and ran a gym for 8 years. She has always specialised in women’s health but it wasn’t until her own personal journey through the menopause in 2019 that she realised she knew nothing about the metamorphosis that the body goes through!

She now travels across the crown territories as a public speaker and also presenting to corporates, organisations and charities about the importance of Breaking the Taboo.

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