How to reduce your carbon footprint and shop sustainably this Christmas

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A green guide to Christmas for shoppers and business owners

Christmas and the holidays are a time for gatherings, feasting, celebrating and (for many) showing gratitude to others with the exchange of gifts. But how can you balance consumerism with sustainability, and what could retailers be doing more of to ensure a rewarding experience that encourages shoppers to step back onto the high street?

In this lunch and learn Kay will explore how we can navigate the festive season without excess and consume more consciously; offering insights and inspiring ideas while ensuring that we continue to support our local businesses.

Kay Davidson built her career designing bespoke corporate collections for iconic brands around the world. She has been an advocate for the social and environmental issues of fashion throughout, including developing some of the first ISO design standards. You can’t pull the wool over her eyes when it comes to fashion greenwashing.

In 2019 she created the Sustain Ability initiative for Guernsey, to inspire others to reduce their impact on the environment by making sustainable switches in their everyday lifestyle choices.

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