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Chamber of Commerce First Get-together Happy Café

The first Monthly Get-together for the Happy Café is at 12-30 on Monday 10th February. There is an open invitation and you are invited to bring your own lunch for the one hour session. Whilst attendance at the Monthly Get-together is free, there will be an opportunity for individual donations for nominated charities. The nominated charity for the January Happy Café is Healthy Connections.

Kay Leslie, Chamber Director, said “By supporting the Happy Café and monthly get-togethers we are providing an opportunity for like-minded members of Chamber to tune-in to what really matters, connect together and find practical ways to take action in their lives and communities. When we have the chance to stop and tune in to our experiences, we see things in a way that helps life make a lot of sense. When we connect with others to listen to their views and experiences – and share ours too – we discover that these conversations can make a big a difference to how we think, feel and behave. And when we find small, personal ways to take action based on what we have learned, we can move from theory to practice and create positive change for ourselves and others. Chamber is delighted to be facilitating the creation of a happy café in St Peter Port and see it as a way of raising awareness of the importance of staff well-being amongst its members.”

Jon Buckland, from Unleashing Potential, who is helping to run Chamber’s Happy Café, said “The monthly get-togethers follow a simple but effective structure where we encourage connection, tuning in with awareness and gratitude, small group discussion on a given topic and most importantly a call to action. We have three Golden Rules. Firstly we listen to what everyone has to offer – everyone in the room has something valuable to offer which we respect with our full attention and non-judgement, giving everyone the space and time they need to speak. Secondly, we encourage everyone to speak from the heart, not just the head. When we share our lived experiences and feelings, rather than just ideas and theories, we offer something really valuable to the group and ourselves. Finally, we take care of ourselves and each other. Its upto each and everyone of us to decide how much or how little we wish to participate while being mindful of the needs of others. Most importantly we only benefit when we are willing to put good ideas into action.”

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