FREE Lunch & Learn: 5 Nudges to healthier, sustainable food choices

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Holistic health coach Vivienne will be showing you how plant-based leads to a healthier planet, and healthier you. Sponsored by BWCI

About this event

Vivienne Alexa is a Guernsey-based food educator and holistic health coach, who, in partnership with Poornima, co-founded Plantier, an organisation promoting plant-based lifestyles.

Plantier have recently published ‘From Plant to Planet’, the ultimate companion book to plant-based living, including research, details of the benefits, tips, tools, and over delicious 50 recipes to help you on your way to being plant-based.

Vivienne will be sharing the five nudges within the book, bringing them to life through data, personal experiences and practical advice.

This event is kindly sponsored by BWCI.


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