The Post CoViD Framework – Your Business, Your Family – Lunch & Learn

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Chamber is delighted to offer this Lunch & Learn with presenter Chris Oliver of Armstrong Continuity. As many of you will be aware, Chris recently did a superb job of moderating our Visitor Economy OGH session and for this session turns his ability to a unique presentation on business and life with Covid.

We are pleased to provide the gathered and collated data from research undertaken across the global resilience industry, which was started in August 2020. Before vaccines, recurring lockdowns and travel passports were anticipated, a team of over 200 analysts began to collect and examine data from a wide range of sources. Surprisingly, the key trend indicators have only seen a 5% change during tracking, which is lending strength to observations on expected outcomes and projections of future activities. In this first public presentation outside government, regulator, industry bodies and contributors, Chris will cover four key areas from the research being the most popular requested topics of economic, social and domestic trends, travel and tourism and business trends for 2022.

If you would like to know more on the research data, trending and exit strategy indicators – including economic development, recovery strategies and resilience – this presentation will concentrate on several key threads from which decisions are being made.

A light lunch will be served. Please email on purchase of your ticket if you have any dietary requirements.  

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