In 2016 Megan achieved her Sun Power Yoga Teacher Training qualification with Anne Marie Newland, and later the same year launched All About Yoga, running regular classes in Guernsey.

Yoga has enabled Megan to become more confident as a person and control her own mental health issues. Yoga has given Megan the tools to deal with her critical mind, and enabled her to notice when she is heading towards that downward spiral of negativity and self-doubt. Without Yoga Megan would not have had the confidence to become a teacher, and share with others how Yoga has changed her life.

Megan genuinely feels what she calls a ‘Yoga high’ after teaching a class where she can see students are really engaged and benefiting from the practice- not just in a physical manner, but on an emotional and spiritual level too. 

All About Yoga welcomes all abilities to classes, ensuring to offer benefits for the whole of the body, both physically, mentally and spiritually. All too often, there is a focus on the physical aspect of Yoga, but Megan reminds her students that Yoga is as much for the mind as it is for the body. After all, Yoga comes from the sanskrit word ‘Yug’ meaning ‘to yoke’ or ‘to unite’- Yoga is literally the union of the mind, body and breath.

All About Yoga classes are for everybody, no matter your age, size or physical ability.