Mediation is a highly successful, process to resolve conflict and settle disputes. Using mediation, participants save time and money by avoiding protracted legal or formal processes which may not bring a satisfactory outcome. Mediation enables a successful outcome to be reached in around 90% of cases, usually in one day.

 Mediation brings certainty and peace of mind and reduces the stress that a lengthy and expensive legal process may cause. Participants are in control with a mediator facilitating a way forward, agreeable to all participants.

Mediation works well in civil and  commercial disputes and is also extremely effective where there is conflict in the workplace or in the community.

Through his varied roles Alan Brown has been involved in counselling, coaching and conflict resolution for many years. He has  developed the comprehensive and highly effective skills and personal qualities, required for successful mediation. Alan is a registered mediator with the Civil Mediation Council and is also a member of the Society of Mediators. 

He is able to provide a wide range of mediation services in Guernsey and beyond. Alan also has a network of registered mediator colleagues to call upon for co-mediation in complex cases or for those with several participants.