The creation of an additional, and much-needed Industry Group for Guernsey Chamber is being marked with a launch event on 26 September when members of the new Chamber Sustainable Business Group will explain their focus and aims.

Anyone is welcome to attend this Launch Event – simply register on Eventbrite.

Environmental crisis is a threat and also an opportunity for businesses to reinvent themselves for long-term success.

Businesses that embed sustainable thinking into their strategy and operations are likely to:

  • Use less resources and generate less waste, reducing their overheads;
  • Conduct comprehensive sustainability risk assessments which will help mitigate risks from climate change, dependence on unsustainable resources and business models;
  • Become more efficient and effective, improving their bottom-line;
  • Strengthen their values and ethics, creating strong brands that inspire consumers and attract the best employees;
  • Create products and services that help consumers and other businesses to lead a more sustainable life, playing their essential role to move to a sustainable future for all.