Effective from 29 March 2020

Introduction – please read carefully

The Bailiwick’s public health objective has not changed: to minimise contactsbetween households as far as possible so that we can reduce the rate of transmission of the virus and number of COVID-19 cases, ensuring that our health care system is not overwhelmed.

The core instruction to our community has not changed – “STAY AT HOME”: you should not leave your home except to exercise, to buy necessary food and supplies, for medical appointments or to work – where that work is essential.

What is now being revised is the definition of essential.

On Friday (27 March) the States issued guidance to business on essential working during this 2-week period of stronger measures to combat the spread of Covid-19. We are revising this guidance today for two reasons:

  •   The evolving situation in relation to public health; and
  •   Our community’s understandable request for greater clarity on

    essential working.

    This guidance over-rides the previous guidance with immediate effect. You must follow it in order to operate your business lawfully.

    Employers must ensure they and their employees can comply with social distancing and hygiene guidelines.