With effect from MONDAY 22 FEBRUARY Guernsey will move into Stage 1 of our Exit from Lockdown.
This means any two households (apart from existing support bubbles) can bubble with each other and outside gatherings of up to 5 people will be permitted. These can be people from outside your bubble, but you must socially distance and we strongly, strongly advise you wear your face coverings.
Those who are already in a support bubble will not be able to change or add another bubble to their household, as this will shortly become your ‘general’ bubble.
The amount of time you can spend outside for recreation will also be extended from two to four hours. Outdoor gatherings need to be allocated within this timeframe.
From Monday, some businesses will be able to resume activities ONLY if they can meet the principles outlined in Stage 1 (link below). We know this lockdown is frustrating, but we really need the business community to work with us on this because we want to move through the stages as quickly, and safely, as possible. This can only happen if we all follow the rules, as we have done so successfully before.
Stage 1 is our first small step back to normality, but we must tread carefully. We’ve got this Guernsey.
We know that you will have questions and you will want to ask us about more detailed circumstances. But, we hear you, and we’ll continue to update the FAQs and Community’s Most Pressing Questions pages on our website based on these, in addition to more detailed posts in the coming days