Following the recent changes in the UK Government and the approaching date of the 31st October (EU exit), the States of Guernsey is once again re-engaging with stakeholders across the business community to ensure that they are putting in place a proportionate plan should the UK leave the EU without a deal. It is important to note that the outcome of Brexit is still uncertain and it remains the UK Governments aim to leave with a deal however, like the UK Government we have to prepare for every eventuality.

To try and help with business planning, the States have prepared a Brexit No Deal Guide for all businesses which outlines the current position and the matters which need to be taken into consideration which they hope will be of assistance.

‘As I am sure you will be aware from our previous work earlier this year we will be closely monitoring events in the UK and are linked into the relevant HM Government Departments and Local Resilience Forums (‘LRF’s’) to ensure that we are receiving the most up to date information and this will be passed up to you as we receive it. One of the successes of our previous planning was the involvement across all sectors of the business community who helped ensure that we were prepared properly had the UK left the EU without a deal. Your businesses involvement and feedback into our planning over the coming weeks will once again be extremely helpful and integral to ensure that our substantial plans are in place and ready should we need them and I would like to pass on my thanks for your help in advance,’ said Brexit lead Chris Morris.

In the meantime, there will be separate e-mails being sent from Policy and Resources to invite critical infrastructure suppliers to technical forums in due course however, please do not hesitate to get in contact should you have any concerns relating to your business or you have any information which you think would be helpful to feed into our wider Brexit No deal planning. Read the full report here: